Press Releases
BLC Bank's most recent Press Releases are now available in PDF format for your viewing.
30 . 06 .2020
Lebanon Enterprise and Employment Programme – LEEP
The Lebanon Enterprise and Employment Programme (LEEP) supports Small and Medium Enterpri... read more
25 . 05 .2020
Ferzol Branch Opening
Striving to get closer to its clients in the Bekaa area, BLC Bank is happy to serve you now in Ferzol. Ferzol Branch i... read more
08 . 05 .2020
Roads For Life Trains ISF Members On Coronavirus
Roads for Life (RFL) organized training sessions for the Internal Security Forces (ISF) on t... read more
04 . 05 .2020
BDL Basic Circular 151 - تعميم مصرف لبنان الاساسي رقم ١٥١
يرجى أخذ العلم بأن البنك اللبناني للتجارة يستقبلكم إبتداءً من ٤ أيار ٢٠٢٠ بموجب تعم... read more
08 . 04 .2020
BDL Intermediate Circular 547 - تعميم مصرف لبنان الوسيط رقم 547
تماشياً مع تعميم مصرف لبنانالوسيط رقم547 الصادر في 23 آذار 2020, يقدم البنك ... read more
07 . 04 .2020
BDL Basic Circular 148 - تعميم مصرف لبنان الاساسي رقم ١٤٨
بموجب تعميم مصرف لبنان الاساسي رقم ١٤٨ المتعلق بالسحوبات النقدية للمودعين الصغار ي... read more
18 . 03 .2020
The safety of our clients and employees remains the utmost priority.
BLC Bank would like to stress on the continuity of its banking operation... read more
30 . 01 .2020
Increase in Equity
The shareholders of BLC Bank s.a.l. held, on 30/01/2020, an Extraordinary General Assembly, which approved to raise BLC Ba... read more
07 . 10 .2019
BLC Bank wins the gold level for Women-Owned SME Bank of the Year 2019
BLC Bank is proud to receive the first of its kind Gold level award &l... read more
27 . 09 .2019
BLC Bank supports the Lebanon Mountain Trail and sustainable tourism in Lebanon!
Afqa, September 29, 2019 – BLC Bank supports the Leban... read more
12 . 09 .2019
Women in Business Program – a new NFS by BLC Bank
Within its commitment to support SMEs and female entrepreneurs, BLC Bank launched the Wome... read more
28 . 06 .2019
Mr. Nadim Kassar receives tribute of appreciation from Roads for Life
CGM of BLC Bank, Mr. Nadim Kassar, received a tribute of appreciation f... read more
26 . 06 .2019
ECOMZ announces a $4M Series-A round
ECOMZ announces a $4M Series-A round to expand their ecommerce management platform and help merchants se... read more
19 . 06 .2019
Nadim Kassar at the "Financial Alliance for Women" summit
Nadim Kassar at the "Financial Alliance for Women" summit And receives the “W... read more
03 . 05 .2019
A Step Towards Equality
A Step Towards Equality, Conference by BLC Bank Journey of Success and Leadership: What are the requirements? &ld... read more
28 . 04 .2019
اليوم العربي للشمول المالي
"اليوم العربي للشمول المالي" 28 أبريل (نيسان) 2019 "الشمول المالي نحو التنمية المستدامة" read more
19 . 02 .2019
Press Release
يهم البنك اللبناني للتجارة ش.م.ل ، وعلى ضوء الحملة الشعواء التي تساق بحقه عبرمواقع التواصل الإجتماعي من قبل المدعو طروهاروتيون ... read more
26 . 11 .2018
UNGC Human Rights
Proud to have our very own We Initiative featured in the UNGC Human Rights publication highlighting the works of companies... read more
15 . 11 .2018
BLC Bank organizes the seventh celebration of the Brilliant Lebanese Awards.
BLC Bank hosts its 7th edition of the Brilliant Lebanese Awards.... read more
05 . 10 .2018
هل دقّ الخطر أخيراً باب الليرة اللبنانية؟
هل دقّ الخطر أخيراً باب الليرة اللبنانية؟ يكثر في هذه الأيام الحديث عن مأساوية الوضع النقدي في لبن... read more
02 . 10 .2018
Meet the Brilliant Lebanese Awards finalists 2018
We revealed our Brilliant Lebanese Awards finalists for the 7thedition, in the presence of ... read more
21 . 09 .2018
Nadim Kassar at the CEO Roundtable during the UNGC Leaders Summit 2018
Nadim Kassar, Chairman General Manager of BLC Bank joins H.E. Amina Mo... read more
17 . 08 .2018
BLC Bank and Roads for Life in collaboration with Internal Lebanese Forces
Mr. Nadim Kassar Chairman General Manager BLC Bank and a team of R... read more
07 . 06 .2018
Nadim Kassar elected as Chairman General Manager of BLC Bank
BLC Bank’s Board of Directors held a meeting on Wednesday June 6, 2018 at the Ba... read more
07 . 12 .2017
BLC Bank acknowledges business innovators during its sixth Brilliant Lebanese Awards
Kassar: This sixth edition reflects our continuous commi... read more
16 . 11 .2017
BLC Bank Received the GBA Lifetime Achievement Award 2017
Nadim Kassar: «This award is a token of our commitment to women’s economic em... read more
18 . 10 .2017
BLC Bank acknowledged in Cairo for its commitment to women’s economic empowerment
Beirut, October 19th, 2017 – In recognition of its co... read more
03 . 10 .2017
BLC Bank unveils the finalists of the Brilliant Lebanese Awards
Nadim Kassar: We organize this event in order to uphold the transparency and... read more
18 . 09 .2017
“As the first financial institution in MENA to advocate for gender equality, we had to face the challen... read more
15 . 03 .2017
Nadim Kassar represents Lebanon in the United Nations Women Empowerment Principles Leadership Group (UN WEPs LG) in New York
As international... read more
23 . 01 .2017
BLC Bank takes women to new heights!
BLC Bank takes women to new heights by supporting the first Lebanese female mountaineer on her quest to ... read more
06 . 12 .2016
BLC Bank rewards Lebanese entrepreneurs for the fifth year in a row through the Brilliant Lebanese Awards
Mr. Sehnaoui: “We are committ... read more
09 . 11 .2016
BLC Bank gathers inspiring women from science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in its continuous strive to empower women
Beiru... read more
22 . 09 .2016
IFC, AFD, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women, and BLC Bank Support Small and Medium Enterprises in Lebanon
IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, the... read more
22 . 08 .2016
BLC Bank wins three regional awards for its strive towards women empowerment and its business transformation
In recognition of its constant d... read more
15 . 03 .2016
Nadim Kassar in New York at the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles Annual Event
“Our association with the Women’s Empowerment Principles... read more
03 . 02 .2016
BLC Bank Organizes Study Tour for International Banks
BLC Bank has built its reputation as Lebanon’s market pioneer in services for women and... read more
01 . 02 .2016
BLC Bank Announces HEY!BLC’s newest achievements at the Avant-Premiere of the Cash Flow 2 Movie
In line with its strategy aimed at empowering... read more