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18 . 10 . 2017
BLC Bank acknowledged in Cairo for its commitment to women’s economic empowerment

Beirut, October 19th, 2017 – In recognition of its commitment to women’s economic empowerment, BLC Bank was invited to partake in the forum organized by the Arab Women’s Council from October 16th till October 18th in Cairo.


The event mainly tackled the role of female leaders in economic growth and sustainability. It was thus no surprise to have BLC Bank join participants from across the Arab region in order to take part to the conversation and share its experience.


This year, the WE Initiative turned five. Since 2012, this program dedicated to women’s economic empowerment enabled BLC Bank to impose itself as a torchbearer in the momentum for gender equality, both as a financial actor and as an employer.

« What started off as a shy idea has become the subject of case studies conducted by the Global Banking Alliance for Women (GBA) as well as Oxford’s Said Business School and IFC, explains Deputy Chairman and General Manager of BLC Bank Nadim Kassar. It also earned BLC Bank many awards and recognitions ». The last of the lot is the one Assistant General Manager of BLC Bank Tania Moussallem brought back from Cairo on October 18th as she was offered the Arab Women’s Council’s Golden Shield of Excellence, acknowledging her as the Region’s female Leader in the banking sector for 2017.


« One can’t just limit gender equality to ethics when we know the tremendous impact women can have on a national and regional level, declared Mrs. Moussallem. The WE Initiative stands as proof of all there is to gain by including women in the economy and of the role the private sector can play in order to induce the change we need”.


From innovative financial services to awareness-raising campaigns, BLC Bank has chosen the economic empowerment of women as its warship, which led it to join renowned international organizations such as GBA – which it chairs since June 2015 – and the UN Women Empowerment Principles’ Leadership Group which gathers 35 leaders from around the world. In this vein, BLC Bank has inspired more than 60 banks to follow its lead and create similar programs, from Latin America to Africa, to China.