Corporate Governance

Effective Corporate Governance is an essential component of BLC Bank’s corporate culture. The Bank is hence committed to adhere to the “best practices” in Corporate Governance in order to fulfill its responsibilities towards its shareholders, customers, employees and other stakeholders.

The Corporate Governance Code is designated to reinforce the confidence of our stakeholders by optimizing the system by which the Bank is directed and controlled, the overall risk management practices, the reporting transparency and the quality of cooperation between shareholders, Board of Directors and Management of the Bank.

BLC Bank is governed by the Board of Directors whose basic responsibility is to exercise reasonable business judgment, approve the Bank’s strategic objectives and corporate values and oversee their implementation through the assistance of six Board Committees with specific charters and missions. BLC Bank’s Management, on the other hand, is responsible for the daily operations guided by internal policies and the interest of the Bank and its stakeholders.

To ensure effectiveness in overseeing the Bank’s operations and to discharge certain statutory responsibilities, standing committees were established where decision-making implementation is done in accordance with the strategy approved by the Board, taking into account the participants’ recommendations. The charters of all committees are available on BLC Bank website.

The Bank ensures timely and accurate disclosures on all material matters regarding the Bank, including its financial situation and performance by making them available on the Bank’s public website, annual reports, reports to supervisors, or through other appropriate means.