Brokerage Service

At BLC Private, we offer brokerage services for investors who want to manage their own funds.

The Dealing Room is your portal to the financial market place, offering world class trading services in the local, regional and international markets. The team which is endowed with a high level of expertise provides efficient access to news, trends, markets, efficient pricing and fast execution.


Accessible Markets

Beirut Stock Exchange

US Markets

European Markets

Dubai Financial Market

Abu Dhabi Exchange

Hang Seng Index

Products Available

The following is a sample of the products that are available with BLC Private:

  • Stocks and Shares
    This is the world’s favorite investment. Open an account with BLC Private and start trading.
  • Derivatives
    Offering these products for commodities, currencies, stocks and much more. Experience the feel of investing through different investment mechanisms.
  • Fixed income investments
    If you prefer a low-risk investment with steady, predictable returns then contact us to provide you with the different products available on the local and international markets.
  • Funds
    Find out how you can take advantage of over 1,000 individual funds from a broad range of leading fund managers.
  • Exchange Traded Funds ETFs
    Our exchange traded funds (ETFs) offer you the portfolio diversification of a fund with liquidity of a share.
  • Structured products
    Our structured products give you access to a wide choice of underlying assets, flexible terms and risk/reward combinations.
  • Tel: +961 1 393576/7/8/9
  • Email: blcbrokerage<at>blcbank<dot>com