What We Do

BLC Invest's mission consists of taking a leading and active role in the Private Equity field, addressing Family and Corporate Businesses. It also provides services in Financial Advisory, Mergers & Acquisitions and Project Finance. BLC Invest offers our clients advisory services and solutions in the areas of Funding Structures, Capital Expansion Alternatives, Value Assessment and Capital Market Accessibility.

BLC Invest seeks to identify Profitable Investment Opportunities where BLC Bank, alongside potential clients, takes participation in companies and the establishment of funds as alternative investment structure. BLC Invest is the expert on investment in Lebanon and the greater MENA region.

What differentiates BLC Invest’s approach is our out of the box management style providing tailor-made solution from understanding the client’s business requirements to providing unwavering assistance in all their business needs.

BLC Investment Policy is based on the following:

  • Region
    Main focus would be the overall Lebanese Market and will remain open and alert for any investment opportunity that may arise in foreign markets where we can partner with local investors.
  • Sector
    While remaining opportunistic, we would favor value-added sectors such as Food and Beverage, Services, Technology, Light Industry and Utilities. We recommend avoiding investments in industries related to Armament and Gambling.
  • Category
    In line with BLCINVEST Mission and Objectives, our main focus will be directed towards the Private Equity sector. In this category, we would have preference for defensive companies with export abilities that are less prone to economic fluctuations, investments in listed securities and pre-IPO could be an integral part of our overall program.
  • Type
    Our favored type would be the Capital Development. This type consists of existing small businesses that have been in operations for some time and have growth opportunities beyond their markets. MBOs and LBOs would be the segment to consider. In summary we would target investments where there are tangible assets to which an Added Value element is to be brought.
  • Size
    The size of our participation will be opportunistic on a case with regard to the portfolio diversification and the profitability, by region, sector, category, type and investment.
  • Evaluation
    We will adopt different methods of evaluation (NPV , DCP , EPS Multiple , BV Multiple , Break-up value , sum of the parts, etc.) in accordance with sectors and types of investment in order to determine a fair market value. We would from time to time seek the opinion of independent external experts to validate our findings.
  • Exit
    Exit Routes are normally through Trade Sale, Stock Exchange Listings and Put-Back mechanisms. Nevertheless, these Exit Routes will be defined at the outset and be an integral part of the investment proposal.
  • Returns
    Investment returns are dependent on the Industry, the Risk, the Financial Fluctuation and the Time Horizon. Our aim is to maximize returns within a period of 5 years.