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22 . 08 . 2016
BLC Bank wins three regional awards for its strive towards women empowerment and its business transformation

In recognition of its constant dedication to women economic empowerment and the major changes that have reshaped the Bank’s strategy, BLC Bank received three awards related to women empowerment and business transformation.

First, BLC Bank was named Best Bank in MENA Supporting Women Owned and Women Led businesses for 2015 by the American Chambers of Commerce during a Regional reunion, which took place in Egypt in March of this year. Participants from nine MENA countries competed for this title: The UAE, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia.

The AmCham Lebanese Chapter nominated BLC Bank in recognition of its pioneering role and commitment to Women through the now internationally renowned We Initiative. This program aims to promote the women’s role in the economy by helping them get financed, but also offers training, orientation and coaching services. The Bank also aims to recognize the achievements of entrepreneurs through the Brilliant Lebanese Awards, which is being organized by the Bank for the fifth consecutive year.

Second, CPI Financial- The Banker Middle East granted BLC Bank also:

1) The Best Female Empowerment in banking award

2) The Best Business Transformation award

Those awards were granted in recognition of the categorical transformation that BLC Bank went through since 2008, multiplying its balance sheet by three and positioning itself as one of the market leaders for SMEs, retail banking and women empowerment, thus, insuring impressive growth and profitability. The consolidated total assets almost tripled, reaching $ 5.74 billion in 2015. Customers' deposits also tripled during the same period, standing at $ 4.58 billion in 2015 and lending activities witnessed a growth of 7 times during the same period, reaching $1.91 Billion. Total equity tripled as well, increasing from 157 million USD to 505 million USD.

These results are the outcome of BLC Bank’s strategy, which aims to ensure a balance between economic development, social development and the protection of the environment as interdependent pillars on which the bank works to reach sustainability.

BLC Bank considers those three awards as an acknowledgement of its achievements and commitment to a workplace that embraces excellence at all levels.