History & Milestones

BLC Bank received the GBA Women’s Market Champion – 2018 Data Award for having reported extraordinarily  high-quality sex-disaggregated data to GBA at the  GBA Summit held in Jordan


BLC Bank received a trophy from Oracle for being the first to implement the SuperCluster M8 in Lebanon, being the world’s fastest engineered system while having the most advanced security features.


BLC Bank received the GBA for Women Lifetime Achievement Award for being a women’s market champion and empowering the female economy at the 2018 GBA Summit held in London.


BLC Bank received the “Excellence for social and economic development and women empowerment” award from the World Union of Arab Bankers during the Arab Banks Awards and Commendations of Excellence 2017.


BLC Bank received the Global Banking Alliance for Women’s (GBA) Leadership Award during the Alliance’s 15th annual summit which took place in Washington.


BLC Bank received:

  • from the Banker Middle East – CPI Financial, the “ Best Female Empowerment” and “ Best Business Transformation” awards.
  • from the American Chamber of Commerce, the “ Best Bank supporting women owned and women led businesses in 2015”


BLC Bank, represented by Ms. Tania Moussallem, got elected as chair of the Global Banking Alliance for Women (GBA).


BLC Bank co-arranged the largest asset backed securitization in Lebanon co-arranged with Bemo Securitization for Solidere (a 185 million dollar securitization transaction). 


BLC Bank received:

  • from the New Economy magazine” the Women’s Empowerment Leadership Award”,
  • from Arabia CSR Awards 2012 “the Corporate – NGO Collaboration category” award and
  • from Commerzbank “the Commerzbank STP Award”.


BLC Bank officially inaugurated its Representative Office in Abu Dhabi.

BLC Bank network expanded to reach 40 branches in Lebanon.


BLC Bank launched the first edition of the Brilliant Lebanese Awards, rewarding Lebanese entrepreneurs. 


BLC Bank launches the We Initiative program, becomes the first and only bank in the MENA region to join the Global Banking Alliance for Women (GBA) and to commit to the UN Women Empowerment Principles.


BLC Bank Head Office building in Adlieh is awarded the Bronze Certificate by Lebanon Green Building Council and becomes the first Green operational building in Lebanon.


BLC Bank established BLC Invest.

BLC Bank issued new series Preferred Shares B, increasing capital by 55 million dollars.

BLC Bank got awarded:

  • from IFC “the Global Trade Finance Award” for its 2010 outstanding performance,
  • from CPI Financial “the Fastest Growing Bank in Lebanon” and
  • from Lebanon Opportunities “the Best Commitment to Small and Medium Enterprises”. 


BLC Bank issued its Preferred Shares A, closing at 40 million dollars.


BLC Bank initiated the acquisition of the shares of USB Bank PLC Cyprus in 2010, to become later the major shareholder with 98.83%. 


BLC Bank became an Alpha Group Bank in Lebanon.

BLC Bank acquired 100% of Lati Bank shares.

BLC Bank entered the Private Banking field.


Mr. Maurice Sehnaoui acquired 25% of BLC Bank’s shares and was appointed Chairman of the Board and General Manager.


Fransabank, the fourth largest banking institution in Lebanon, acquired 97.52% of the capital of BLC Bank 


BLC Bank sold off its French subsidiary BLC Bank (France) to the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA).


BLC Bank was acquired by the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA). 


BLC Bank was acquired by the Qatar Supreme Council for Economic Affairs and Investment, which increased its capital by 100 million dollars in early 2006.


BLC Bank became the 12th largest bank in Lebanon in terms of assets and customer deposits.

Establishment of BLC Services SAL to enter the insurance field.


BLC Bank’s shares were acquired by The Central Bank of Lebanon for restructuring purposes.


BLC Bank merged with Union Bank of Lebanon (UBL) Group. 


BLC Bank SA France opened four branches in the UAE.


BLC Bank established a subsidiary in Sao Paolo – Brazil.


BLC Bank established a Swiss subsidiary in Geneva.


BLC Bank established its first foreign presence with BLC Bank SA France. 


The inauguration of BLC Bank new headquarters took place in the presence of the President of the Republic Mr. Camille Chamoun.


BLC Bank started its banking activities.


BLC Bank was founded by the Abou Jaoudeh family. It was named Banque Libanaise pour le Commerce.