As a financial service provider, we believe that we have more than an economic role to fulfill in our society as we understand that our activities have an important and direct consequence on our community which is why we have adopted Corporate Social Responsibility as one of our core values. Our CSR commitment is a long term project which we plan on taking further in the many years to come with our 4 main axes: Our Business, Our People, Our Environment and Our Community. On another level, BLC Bank launched the We Initiative, a comprehensive program dedicated to the economic empowerment of women in the Middle East. This initiative goes beyond financial services to provide women with non-financial products and services such as trainings, educational workshops, networking events, a dedicated online platform and advisory services allowing them to enhance their professional and personal lives. Meeting the challenges of our transformation, from traditional habits to sustainable practices, strengthens our values and inspires us to spread our culture in order to reach all our collaborators, suppliers, clients, families and business associates, hoping this will have a positive and long lasting impact on our environment and society.