BLC Income Fund I

The main objective of the fund is to achieve an expected annual return of 5% while granting the investor the option to subscribe and redeem at the end of each month at the prevailing NAV.    

NAV per Share: USD 100.15 as at 07/10/2019

Investment Strategy of the Fund:

The fund will mainly invest in Lebanese and GCC Fixed Income instruments diversified as follows:

  • Eurobonds issued by the Lebanese Government, Lebanese corporations and banks.
  • Eurobonds issued by GCC countries, corporations and banks.
  • Credit Linked Notes Linked to the Republic of Lebanon.
  • Preferred shares issued by Alpha group Lebanese banks.
  • US Dollars certificates of deposit and time deposits, or other fixed income instruments issued by the Central Bank of Lebanon.
Key Characteristics of the Fund:
    • Maturity: October 7, 2019
    • Currency: USD
    • Expected annual return: 5%
    • Expected dividend payment frequency: yearly
    • Type: Open ended
    • Secondary market: Monthly Subscription & Redemption
    • Management fees: 1%
    • Subscription fees: 0.5%
    • Minimum subscription (at inception): USD 10,000 and multiple of USD 1,000 thereafter