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19 . 06 . 2019
Nadim Kassar at the "Financial Alliance for Women" summit

Nadim Kassar at the "Financial Alliance for Women" summit And receives the “Women’s Market Champion Outstanding Engagement Award”

Chairman & General Manager of BLC Bank, Mr. Nadim Kassar, reaffirmed BLC Bank's commitment to supporting all initiatives aimed at empowering women economically and providing all facilities to obtain equal opportunities in the labor market and in leadership.


Mr. Kassar participated in the Financial Alliance for Women summit, previously known as Global Alliance for Women (GBA), held in Paris on June 17, 18 and 19, along with the corporate leaders and members of the Alliance.


The summit was kicked off by a special breakfast, gathering the CEOs of the world leading businesses and institutions in woman empowerment.

Mr. Kassar took part in the main panel, "The Decision Makers: A Conversation with Women’s Market Leaders", whereby he shared BLC Bank’s strategic vision for serving the Women’s Market, the challenges faced along the way and the importance of personal leadership in this journey, through the example of the We Initiative. Stating that “The essence and drive for this program’s success comes from my vision and true belief in women’s potential”, he goes on to explain that the issue of Women Empowerment is not tackled only through talks in conferences. Leaders should lobby this issue relentlessly, grabbing opportunities, no matter the obstacles. He goes on to say: “I will keep pushing this initiative, although the path has not been easy, and will keep challenging the market and will continue my commitment to achieving gender equality in the economic sector.”


Today concrete actions and decisions have been taken, policies and reforms implemented, qualified women have been promoted to managerial positions resulting in a diverse and inclusive management (47% upper management at BLC Bank).


Addressing the issue of the Lebanese economy, Mr. Kassar added that "Lebanon today faces a big economic challenge. We need a bigger economy. We need growth. We need more productivity. We need our economy to be twice the size what it is today, and closing the gender gap will add 9% to the GDP in Lebanon”.


During the award ceremony Mr. Kassar received the trophy for Women's Market Champion Outstanding Engagement Award.

This award represents the commitment and participation in the sharing of knowledge through the Financial Alliance for women programs and services in the past year.

This engagement is essential to the success of the Financial Alliance of Women.

Since BLC Bank joined the GBA, this institution has grown drastically to access a global network, expanded beyond banking, evolved and even changed to become the Financial Alliance for Women. By systematically contributing and taking part in all projects, activities and studies such as the all-stars academy, mentoring cohorts, summits, study tours…, BLC Bank has been nominated twice consecutively to chair the GBA board.


Mr. Kassar concluded his speech by informing the Alliance that “in November, BLC Bank will hosting in Lebanon a study tour for the Alliance members along with an invitation to attend the Brilliant Lebanese Awards ceremony”, revealing the participation of Ms. Inez Murray, CEO of the Financial Alliance for Women, as the newest jury member of Brilliant Lebanese Awards.


Overview of the 2019 Summit

This year's summit explored the most effective solutions from the world of financial services that build the economic resilience of women and enable inclusive growth. The 2019 summit showcased the latest innovations from GBA members and beyond, exploring such critical topics as: boosting business sustainability through workforce gender diversity and inclusion, financial services solutions for women's key life moments, making gender lens investment opportunities, strengthening women's financial capability for lifetime resilience and creating new women's market opportunities - from women of impact to women in the workplace.