Exposure In line with the bank’s strategy, BLC Bank is leveraging on networking for both SME and We segments. With the social events, Entrepreneurs will get nationwide exposure and will have access to new acquaintances in the same or different field to widen their horizons
Brilliant Lebanese Awards

BLA To recognize and reward the SMEs achievements and honor entrepreneurs, men and women, who have demonstrated excellence and success in their business field, The Bank launched the “brilliant Lebanese Awards” with two categories, “The Business of the Year” and “The Women Entrepreneur of the Year”.
Four criteria are taken into consideration for the evaluation and the pre-selection of the finalists; Creativity, Financial Performance, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. A professional and independent Jury will select the winners of the Awards among the finalists of each category based on the oral presentations.
The announcement of the winners will take place during a VIP gala reception organized by BLC Bank and broadcasted live on TV .

Through the BLC Bank Awards, the Bank is giving the opportunity for Lebanese small and medium companies, BLC clients and non-clients, and businesswomen who own more than 51% of the shares of their company with an annual turnover less than $5 million, to compete in this award and win cash prize of US$ 30,000 for each category.

In addition to the media exposure, the finalists will have the opportunity to meet with the jury members who will assist them on their businesses, offer them the needed mentoring to improve their projects, reach higher performance, leverage on their soft skills and help them insure their sustainability.

Networking Events

Through conferences and networking events, the entrepreneurs will be able to mingle, share experience and expertise and build a network. They will have the chance to talk their ideas and aspirations and get insights on how to develop them, build experiences and benchmark against best practices.

BLC Bank is in the process of organizing several conferences all over Lebanon. During these conferences, a panel with around 4 speakers will share a topic that constitutes an interest to the SMEs in the region.


Access to local, regional and international networking events, conferences, exhibitions to grow their network and creating new business opportunities.

Media Exposure

BLC bank is providing Media exposure to all SMEs to shed the light over their success and achievements, provide them with a wide exposure to new clients, business opportunities and new markets in addition to creating role models to inspire other SMEs .

New Market Opportunities

BLC Bank Organized a study tour for GBA members in Cyprus and invited some of its successful women clients, providing them international exposure and opening to New Markets

We Membership

Through the www.we-initiative.com, a unique and innovative online platform enables all registered members to connect, network and evolve.