Advisory and Guidance

BLC Bank provide advisory services, guidance, respond to enquiries, and technical assistance and put the SMEs in touch with relevant external advisors if need be. He/She will give the SMEs all the financial and non-financial support they need to help them build a sustainable and profitable business.

The small and medium teams of specialist assists the SME clients in meeting their ongoing financial needs, supports them in their expansionary plans and provides them financial advice. And on another hand, they provide customized financial solutions specially tailored for the enterprise size.

The small and medium teams aim to serve SMEs in all economic sectors such as agriculture, industry, handcraft, trade, tourism, services or real estate. This team is located Beirut at the Head Office. However, each member is responsible for BLC’s Small and Medium team’s portfolio, which is dispatch regionally.

Mentorship Program

BLC Bank deals with expert and mentors to provide the SMEs advisory services, education and information and assist them building and running a sustainable and profitable business.
The selected group of Experts on the WE initiative and SME toolkit Website are present to provide SMEs valuable knowledge whether in the field of Tax, Legal, Finance, Mediation, Communication & Marketing, Social Media & IT and Graphology. From the other side, the mentors assist them to reach higher performance, show them how to better manage their daily life and help them to leverage on their soft skills. To be brief, they will arm the SMEs with what they need to face the challenges.

To reach these experts and mentors, each SME can visit the "we-initiative" website and access the "Expert and Mentor" section then send the request or query.