Our People By valuing our employees, we foster openness, sustainability and respect for employees' rights.
A. Valuing our employees / Equal Opportunities: We foster openness, sustainability and respect for employees’ rights. We respect our employees and strive to be a good employer by providing a healthy and safe workplace where discrimination and unfair treatment are not tolerated. We created the BLC Union to uphold the rights proclaimed by the Syndicate of Bank employees in Lebanon. These rights apply to all of BLC Bank employees and include among others the right to freedom of opinion and expression. In addition to the above, we have established Staff Awards Programs that help recognize high achievers in the Bank across all operational areas with specific recognition given to staff, and a remuneration strategy was also implemented to recognize individual performance.
We are committed to providing equal opportunities to all employees and job applicants. We believe in respecting diversity and welcome all differences. As such, we work on providing a healthy and safe environment where others are treated on their merit away from any form of direct or indirect discrimination whether on the ground of sex, religion, belief or age. As part of these endeavors, we became the first Bank in the region to be committed to women's empowerment. We developed internal programs to become the employer of choice for Lebanese women. We also believe in keeping employees fully informed on all matters affecting them.
To name a few of these endeavors: Flexible working hours for female employees returning from their maternity leave, whereby mothers are offered a shortened working schedule for a period of two consecutive months as of the date they return from their maternity. This program was implemented in 2011. Committing to the UN Women Empowerment Principles, thus becoming the first Bank in the Middle East and North Africa region to develop internal policies and promoting the growth of women employees, putting in place training programs for our employees, to ensure equal opportunities, inclusion and non-discrimination.
B. Training and Development We promote both the personal and professional growth of our employees by providing development opportunities and benefits, as we believe that investing in the development of our talents leads employees not only to do well but to also do good and this makes them more engaged. For this purpose, we have developed several programs such as: On boarding mentor program, Train the Trainer program, Internal job postings, Internship program for undergraduate students from selected universities to pursue internships in the Bank’s premises, with interns with high achievements to be considered for future recruitment.
Emergency Response Plan: As part of the Emergency Response Plan project that BLC Bank implemented, the Civil Defense trained 50 of our Head Office employees on the fire safety measures., In recognition to their training efforts, the Bank contributed in equipping the Civil Defense training department with one Laptop, LCD projector & sound system.”
As we value our employees, we have set a mechanism for feedback and dialogue entitled “Employee Satisfaction Survey”. This would enable us to measure employees' satisfaction level, motivation and attitude thus identify and prioritize activities in order to better understand our employees, to know what really matters to them, leading us to create a good working environment.