Our Environment We have committed ourselves to preserve the environment through processes towards sustainability in our day to day activities. As such, we have adopted a Green Culture to promote an eco-friendly model, supported by the launching of our Corporate Environmental Policy engaging both our employees and the community to “Walk the Green Path”.
Accordingly, we have undergone a full retrofit to become compliant with the green international specifications and the environment conservation standards. As a result of this retrofit and the adoption of a Green Culture, we received in December 2011 the “Arz Bronze Certification” for our Head Office Building in Adlieh from the ARZ Building Rating System managed by the Lebanese Green Building Council - LGBC - a non-profit organization, member of the World Green Building Council (WGBC) and accordingly became the first commercial Green Building in Lebanon. We took on this environmental challenge through greening our operations with the support of our employees in implementing our Corporate Environmental policy through the adoption of the 3 R’s approach policy: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in four fields being Energy, Water, Paper and Waste.
Engaging our employees: Our Green Program engages our employees in making their own working environment greener and in the promotion of a cleaner environment. As such, we focus on employee awareness and community involvement by having our employees participate in environmental activities organized by the Bank such as plantation days or ecological excursions. Our employees have also been engaged in our Green culture through attending several Green awareness sessions.
Green Products / Eco-Friendly Loans: We also proceed with the development of banking products for sustainable programs, or eco-friendly loans that are used for environmentally-friendly purposes such as water heating, solar energy generation, pollution abatement, solid waste and waste water treatment, recycling, landscaping, eco-tourism and other. Eco-friendly loans can be offered to both individuals and businesses. To name a few products: Solar Water Heater Loan, Small Energy Loan, Non-Subsidized Energy and Non-Energy Related Eco-Loans, BDL Subsidized Energy and Non-Energy Related Eco-Loans, Green Kafalat Loans: Kafalat Energy A, Kafalat Energy B, Kafalat Energy C, Kafalat Trees and Kafalat Small Farmers