Our Business We are committed to delivering value that matters to our stakeholders, and we do so within 2 major axes: Corporate Governance and Economic Development.
Corporate Governance: We comply with Basel accords for a better corporate governance and protection of stakeholders’ rights. BLC Bank has a corporate governance Code that is in line with the regulatory requirements. The corporate governance framework of the Bank assures that the rights of stakeholders that are protected by law are respected at all times. BLC Bank has a code of ethics that is signed by each and every person employed at the bank, and is part of the induction program that new employees undertake. BLC Bank has a well-developed risk management function that overseas all the risks the Bank is or might be exposed to. This function overseas risk related to credit, market, operations, information technology security, liquidity risk, and reputational risk. Such risk monitoring is for the benefit of all BLC Bank’s stakeholders.
Code of Conduct with Suppliers: Procurement Policy: In order to ensure an appropriate corporate governance and an ethical and fair trading with business partners, we have set a series of procurement code of conduct policies related to the suppliers we deal with. As such, a purchasing committee was designated to govern all related procurement policies. Code of Conduct with Suppliers: Green Procurement Policy: We strongly promote the purchase of green items subject to both functional and financial qualifications in line with our Corporate Social Responsibility pledge.
Financial Economic Crime Policy: We, at BLC Bank, participate in the international efforts to combat money laundering and the funding of terrorist and criminal activities. As such, we have implemented a policy on financial economic crime targeting Anti Money Laundering to ensure that: The risk-based standards of due diligence apply in relation to “ Know Your Customer” principles; BLC Bank is in line with the requirements of legislations in the jurisdictions in which it operates; The safeguarding of BLC Bank’s reputation. Financing Policy / Credit Lending Policy: We comply with national and international laws and regulations and we deal with ethics when it comes to financing corporations. Our financing policy restricts us from financing any company suspected to be involved in money laundering, child labor, weapon traffic or any illegal activity that might harm human rights.
Quality Program: Based on the Bank’s mission to deliver what matters to its customers, shareholders, employees and community, we launched a Quality Program shifting our culture from being product centric to customer centric. Through this program, we aim to understand the customer expectations and strive to deliver what matters to our stakeholders on time, right from the first time and better every time through a constant assessment and review of our existing products and services to ensure that what we offer meets and exceeds customers’ expectations. Because we value our customers feedback, we have set the NPS, Net Promoter Score, whereby customers interact with us and inform us what we do well and what we can improve. This way, we would improve our performance and enhance customer satisfaction.
Economic Development: We Initiative: We have joined the Global Banking Alliance (GBA) for Women to have hands-on access to the best practices from around the world in order to build innovative and comprehensive programs for women. The “We Initiative”, inherent in the way BLC Bank conducts its business, is not only for the interest of the Bank, but is of mutual benefit for all the bank’s stakeholders. “We Initiative” is a comprehensive program dedicated to the economic empowerment of women in the Middle East. This program goes beyond financial services to provide women with non-financial products and services such as trainings, educational workshops, networking events and advisory services allowing them to enhance their professional and personal lives.
Trainings & Business Tools: Because at BLC Bank we understand that building and running a business requires more than just financing, we launched in 2013 the SME toolkit website from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), exclusively in Lebanon with BLC Bank; a platform that gives SMEs the necessary tools to learn how to start and/or maintain a business. In addition to these business tools, and in order for entrepreneurs to grow their business and get access to networking opportunities, BLC Bank offers business power sessions that take place at BLC Bank Learning Centre.