Our Community We have the obligation to contribute to the community around us through our products, our people and by supporting sustainable development initiatives and non-profit organizations providing social-welfare programs.
Thus, we invest in the community we serve and are committed to help meet the needs of the many local organizations throughout Lebanon through our local communities’ donations and sponsorship programs.
We believe in the long term support of health issues through supporting social non-profit organizations and associations that have worthwhile social missions serving the Lebanese society at large. That is why we have engaged with several non-profit organizations targeting all age categories and different health issues such as mental disorders to cancer to heart problems.
Our main axis in community involvement includes women, education and health, however we also support arts and culture related events.
Our Partners
BLC Bank believes in Jouzour Loubnan’s mission to promote environmental awareness by planting in arid regions to increase the woodland area in Lebanon and develop wildlife habitats. Since 2008, Jouzour Loubnan launched several campaigns and projects to serve its mission. Thirty-two thousand trees were planted in Ouyoun El Siman - Kfardebian, Chabrouh - Faraya, Ehmej, Aynata – South Lebanon, Akoura and Tarchich with a survival rate over 90% to-date. All planted trees are maintained, irrigated and protected. Our cooperation with Jouzour Loubnan is through a continuous support in funding and organizing forestation days by volunteers from the Bank.
BLC Bank has signed an ongoing partnership agreement with "Roads for Life - the Talal Kassem Fund for Post-Accident Care" in order to be their reference partner for the PHTLS course (Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support). This course consists of training all paramedics on a unified protocol in how to handle injured victims on the scene of the accident until they reach the emergency room and will be implemented in cooperation with the Lebanese Red Cross and the AUB Medical Center. Thanks to this partnership, more than 300 Lebanese Red Cross volunteers were trained according to the PHTLS international standards. BLC Bank believes in Roads for Life’s mission to save as many lives as possible across Lebanon and to increase the chances of survival of victims within the first 60 minutes of the accident, known as "the golden hour of trauma".
A non-profit organization specialized in the rehabilitation of pediatric wards in governmental hospitals across Lebanon with the purpose to ensure deprived Lebanese children receive the level of medical care they deserve. In 2018, 900 babies were treated in terms of prematurity, pediatric surgeries, metabolic diseases, renal diseases, congenital cardiac malfunction and general pediatrics. As well as new medical units, Newborn machines, pediatric and surgical equipment. Our babies deserve the right of birth, to live healthily and enjoy life like all other young citizens.
A non-profit medical institution dedicated to the treatment of pediatric cancer. The center is affiliated with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.