Factsheets Back
31 . 07 . 2018
Market Overview


In July, Lebanese Government Eurobonds offer prices stabilized and slightly rebounded by around USD 1 to 2 for medium to long term maturities. Lebanon CDS levels for 5 and 10 years dropped by around 120-130 bps to 510 and 630 levels respectively. In the GCC region, 5 years CDS levels dropped with Bahrain’s levels decreasing by around 50 bps. Moody’s stated that the outlook for Bahraini banks remained negative given slower growth and government spending; it also changed Qatar’s rating outlook to stable and affirmed its Aa3 rating saying that the country was supported by large net asset positions, while S&P kept the country’s outlook negative citing ongoing geopolitical risks. S&P also affirmed Kuwait’s ratings and outlook expecting a strengthening balance sheet that offsets risks related to volatile oil prices.