Factsheets Back
31 . 12 . 2017
Market Overview


In December, the local fixed income market continued to recover from the losses caused by last month’s political tensions; capital outflows stabilized and offer prices for Lebanese Government Eurobonds slightly increased showing signs of decreased selling pressure. Lebanon 5 and 10 years CDS' prices steadily declined to around 520 and 540 levels respectively, down from above 600 level highs, as markets cooled down. In the GCC region, 5 years CDS levels for all members maintained their previous levels. S&P lowered Bahrain’s credit rating to B+ from BB with a stable outlook citing weak liquidity and volatile Reserves. Fitch downgraded Oman to BBB- with a negative outlook citing weaker balance sheet strength. On the other hand, Moody’s maintained a stable outlook for GCC banks given their resilience in the currently slow economies.