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31 . 08 . 2016
Market Overview

Medium to Longer term maturities for Lebanese Government Eurobonds witnessed a decrease in offer yields during April of approx. 15 to 30 bps, whereas short term maturities slightly increased in offer yields by 25 to 45 bps. Republic of Lebanon CDS for 5 and 10 years maturity have been mostly stable throughout the month by an average of 380 and 410 bps respectively.

As a market highlight and during the first quarter of the year: the Lebanese Government had the most successful 10 and 15 year Eurobonds issues so far with more than $5 billion in subscriptions and around $2.2 billion in allocations.
In the GCC region, yields were mostly stable with 5 years CDS fluctuating by an average of 10-20 basis points except for K.S.A. who maintained a steady CDS level. The most interesting issue in the region during the first quarter was AHLI Bank’s 2049, 6.875% coupon, Perpetual-Callable Corporate bond.