Personal Loan


GRACE PERIOD: Up to 3 months

LOAN PERIOD: Up to 5 years

CURRENCY: USD & Lebanese Pounds

Lower interest rates for loans coupled with salary domiciliation



  • Up to USD 50,000 - LBP 75,000,000
    • FEES: 1% of loan amount, minimum USD60, maximum USD150 or the equivalent in LBP
      • USD: 12.25% , LBP: 15.25%
      • if salary domiciliation: USD 11.75%, LBP 14.25%
      • if mortgage: USD: 11.25%, LBP: 13.50%
  • Above USD50,000 & USD100,000  or the equivalent in LBP
    • MAXIMUM LOAN PERIOD: 5 years
    • FEES: USD500 or the equivalent in LBP
      • 11.5% on USD
      • 13.75% on LBP


  • Aged 18 to 64 years old by the end of the loan
  • Minimum monthly Salary LBP 800,000 or equivalent in USD
  • Employee or self-employed with monthly income
  • Employment date over 1 year

INSURANCE: Life Insurance is obligatory. Cost case by case.

MORTGAGE: for loan amounts more than USD50,000 or equivalent in LBP.


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