Guide to becoming #lebneneh_bel_fe3el

Small and medium enterprises are the heart and soul of the Lebanese economy.

We, at BLC Bank, recognized this and structured a comprehensive program, with financial and non-financial services, to support SMEs.

Did you know that spending at local businesses empowers the local economy, impacts the National GDP, increases job opportunities and helps sustain local businesses?

We did! Which is why we launched our #lebneneh_bel_fe3el movement…and… We’d like you to join it!

Because all efforts, big and small, can have a great impact on our economy, we need to invite all Lebanese to become #lebneneh_bel_fe3el, consume Lebanese, and be proud of it.

We would like to treat you to a gift of your choice from one of the Lebanese SMEs listed on our website www.blcbank.com by spending this gift card at their shop.

As a proud Lebanese with substantial influence in Lebanon, you too can help us drive this movement forward, by sharing & inviting your followers to invest in local Lebanese businesses.

This is how you become #lebneneh_bel_fe3el


Fashion Agriculture
Aura headpieces Plant Index
Claire Damaa Group Healthy Basket
mAc Design Le potager Bio
Mahmoud el Hakim Optical center  
Mes Petites Ballerines Health & Fitness
Ashekman Street Wear B-Fit Sports Services SARL
Waste Centimeal
CRAV Appelite
Food & Beverages Industry
Aruba - Hintrag Ste Said Saifan SAL
Bachir Amis Sweet Company SARL  
Blue Tea House Leisure & Tourism
Colonel Beer Arnaoon SARL
Ice Cream Al Salam L'Etoile du Loup
Kitchen Lab  
L'Atelier du Miel Pesticides
Live up Entotox
Maroun Chedid  
Mum & I  


Tell us about your experience and share with us your Lebanese purchase by using the hashtag #lebneneh_bel_fe3el.


Happy Shopping!

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