Personal Loans

Picture your home renovated & with new decoration, imagine your wedding on a beach, visualize your vacation at your favorite destination, envision the business you have always dreamt about... With BLC Bank, You have the power to change everything.

5 Reasons why you should choose BLC Bank’s Personal loan:

  1. AFFORDABLE: Benefit from a very low interest rate, if not the lowest!
  2. PRACTICAL: Borrow up to $100,000 or its equivalent in Lebanese Pounds while enjoying a 3-month grace period.
  3. FLEXIBLE: Enjoy fixed monthly installments with a comfortable repayment period reaching 10 years.
  4. CONVENIENT: Apply from the comfort of your home or your work via our website, our mobile application or by phone.
  5. TRANSPARENT: No surprises, no hidden fees.

We offer you 2 financing options to match your needs:

Do you plan to Travel to the destination of your dreams? Don’t let your financial constraints stand in the way, Enjoy our special Travel loan Offers:



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