Personal Loans

Meet Your needs today, start paying in 2014! 

Do you have plans to decorate your home? Renew your appliances? Change your furniture? Finance your studies? Pay for your children’s scolarity? Boost your Business? Or Realize any other Project?

5 Reasons why you should choose BLC Bank’s Personal loan:

  • Affordable: Benefit from a very low interest rate if not the lowest!
  • Practical: Borrow up to $100,000 or its equivalent in Lebanese Pounds while enjoying a 3-month grace period.
  • Flexible: Enjoy small monthly installments with a comfortable repayment period reaching 10 years.
  • Convenient: Apply from the comfort of your home or work via our website, mobile app or by phone.
  • Transparent: No surprises, No hidden Fees.

We offer you 2 financing options to match your needs:

Do you plan to Travel to the destination of your dreams? Don’t let your financial constraints stand in the way, Enjoy our special Travel loan Offers:



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