BLC Bank operates a network of 41 branches with at least one Smart ATM machine to serve you. For Customer Service, our doors open Monday to Friday from 8:15-5:00, & 8:15-1:00 on Saturdays. For Teller services, our counter opens Monday to Friday from 8:15-2:00, & 8:15-12:30 on Saturdays.


Zouk Mikael

Branch Manager: Marcel Hachem

Main Road
Antoine Akiki Center

Tel:  +961-9-212 225
        +961-9-212 226
Fax: +961-9-211 675




BLC Bank building, Adlieh square, 2064-5809 Beirut, Lebanon. swift code LICOLBBX. List of banks no.11 - R.C. Beirut no. 1952 BDL Authorization No. 11/44 dated 25/01/2010. Designed & Developed by NEL Interactif